Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fashion King, King 2 Hearts, Love Rain, Rooftop Prince

Last summer, I have watched many interesting Korean dramas and they were Fashion King, King 2 Hearts, Love Rain, and Rooftop Prince. Though they may not be aired at the same time slot, there was still a competition between the four, as to which was the most loved by the Korean and overseas audiences.

To start my review, I’ll begin with my least favourite then to my most favourite drama.

Fashion King
Synopsis: Dreams and competitions in the fashion industry.
Review: This would have been one of the great dramas if not for the characters. As many said, this drama is one of the most or most disappointing drama that they have ever seen, and that is true with me too. I don’t understand how they created the character of Lee Gayoung and why the ending was like that. It’s actually my first time to hate all the characters especially the female lead. Lee Gayoung didn’t know what she likes, which I think is not a good example for the girls, and the two male actors were always mad, like whenever they talk or something, a World War III might start. I think only Choi Anna’s character was the only right thing from the drama, like what others said it’s the only sane character. And for the ending, I don’t get it why they killed Kang Younggeol because the other characters were already doing well on their own.

King 2 Hearts
Synopsis: Unification of North and South Korea trough a marriage.
Review: It was a good drama too. The only thing that was off for me was the villain. At first I didn’t like the villain because it ruined the story, though a war freak villain is good but still I wished the writers could have gone up with a more interesting character or a younger guy maybe.
When I heard that LSG and HJW will team up in this drama, I was a bit nervous because of the age gap between them. Will there be chemistry between them? Surprisingly, both of them adjusted to one another that I couldn't feel the age gap anymore. HJW’s acting was as expected but LSG was shocking, I didn't know he could act like that, and that I almost cry because I couldn’t take it anymore. To tell you the truth, I’m not really interested with the lead characters because I know they’ll do well, what caught my attention was the love line between Princess Lee Jaesin and Officer Eun Sigyeong. Too bad they killed Eun Sigyeong (.). About their acting… two thumbs up.

Love Rain
Synopsis: Will the ending of their parents be the same with theirs?
Review: Great Story. Great Cinematography. What else should I say? Hmm? That’s all… I think.
But why it’s ratings wasn't that high? The actors were good. Well, maybe for the reason that the drama was catered for overseas audience because they used Hallyu Stars instead and it wasn't appealing to the Koreans.

Rooftop Prince
Synopsis: Time can answer all the questions.
Review: Out of the four dramas, this is my favourite. It has drama, comedy, action, and romance all-in-one. For me, whenever I get home from a stressful day, I’d like to watch a light drama to forget all the worries and feel good, and Rooftop Prince is the perfect drama to watch.
The actors were good and… cute. I think if Yoochun is to find a girlfriend, I hope it is Jimin. They look good together.

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