Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I got a boy, so put your hands up if you feel like this

Note: I am not a music expert or a poet, so I would like to apologize if you think what I wrote is wrong or not elaborated. I am just writing with a basis on what I felt or thought about the songs

After being away for 15 months, SNSD has come back with a very unique album where every song sounded really good. For me, I think it’s their best album so far. So here is my review of each song, sorry if I couldn’t elaborate more on some tracks because like I said I am not an expert. I hope you like it anyway.

I Got a Boy is at first very disturbing because it doesn’t have one sound, but as I listen to it over and over again, I find it very addicting, wishing I could hear more of their rapping. I heard the song has five styles/genre in it so it was really cool of them as it is, I think, the first of its kind. It has a western sound in it too.
PS. It is a song I once dreaming of making, unfortunately, SNSD did it before I do (of course it is courtesy of their composers).
Dancing Queen, I find that in this song, though it was recorded in 2009, that they have very mature voices with all those crazy ad libs. And since Gee was SNSD’s biggest hit, I thought Dancing Queen could bring them back into their position like before due to its similar concepts.
Baby Maybe, I really like the hook in this song, “put your hands up if you feel like this”, it really stays in my mind. This song is very easy listening and somehow reminds me of 90s.
Talk Talk is a song I think I have heard before I just don’t know where, maybe in one of their albums.
Promise is another easy listening song from the album which I will never get tired of because of the R&B feel it has.
Express 999 sounded a really old song, but it has a good feeling.
Lost in Love is my favourite because I can hear their pure voices which are very beautiful. Actually, this song sounded like an OST for a drama.
Look at Me also sounded very old, like “Hey Mickey!”.
XYZ’s beat is very good. But with the Alphabets in it, it felt like a nursery song to me with a twist.
Romantic Street is like they said the Korean version of “Singing in the rain”. So it’s a song that I’d like to listen to in a cloudy or rainy day or when I feel I’m as soft as cotton or steps of a cat.

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