Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Selection Novel by Kiera Cass

The Selection
Prince Maxon is now at a legal age to get married, and as a tradition, he is to select his future wife and future queen from thirty-five candidates picked for him from thousands of applicants from *castes Two to Eight. One of the candidates is America, a Five.

America was secretly in a relationship with a Six, Aspen – before he and her mother asked her to join the competition, that led to her and Aspen’s separation. But being together with Prince Maxon always, she fell in love with him, and so does he. When everything was going well between them, Aspen appeared again – he was drafted as a soldier in the palace and his social status was promoted from Six to Two. And even though America is in love with Prince Maxon, there is no way she will forget her first love, and Maxon doesn’t know that it was Aspen.

Who will she choose? Will it be Aspen, especially now that even if she will not be picked, her life will be secured with him? Or Prince Maxon whom she loves now and can give her more than what Aspen can?

The Prince
This is the point of view of Prince Maxon of ‘The Selection’. His life just before The Selection began until he met America.

The Elite
Thirty-five ladies were cut down into six – the Elite – and America is still in the game. There were more challenges for them, to prepare themselves for the position as the new princess, the wife of Prince Maxon, and later on as the queen. Although America and Maxon is in love with one another, there is no guarantee that America will win the competition. Maxon has a lot to consider, and America, who is a Five, has no connection that can benefit the Palace, so Maxon’s father – the king – is against her. America thinks that she can’t be the queen though, so Maxon has to find someone from the other elites, get to know them in case America is not the one, which also created a distance between him and her. And because of this, America felt that she wasn't sure of Maxon’s love for her anymore. There is also Aspen who still fight for her love.

Who will America choose between Maxon and Aspen? Will she take the challenge to become the queen, with all the insecurities and disadvantages she have?

The One
This book hasn’t been published yet.
[Update] Kiera Cass will publish it on May 6, 2014. The date might change.

As for the review, I would like to write it when this series is over. I will make the review as a whole and not per book.