Thursday, January 10, 2013

Singing Competitions

If you are an aspiring singer and the only way to realize it is by joining singing competitions, you should know which singing competition is the best to showcase your talents. Note: this might be applicable to Americans only, but if you’re not, just try to see if this piece of advice would be helpful to you too because there are local counterparts too in your country.

Well, if you’re someone who lacks visual but has a very beautiful voice, then I would suggest you to join The Voice, because they hear you first without looking at you then judge if you can go through or not. But if you think you’re not vocally talented, but still good and have that x-factor, then join X-Factor. But what could that x-factor be? I guess if you have that star quality in you then X-Factor might be the one, because you would audition like you are performing already on your concert stage, so if you can do it like an artist already, then you are the one. But there is also another singing competition, which I think is the biggest, you might think of wanting to audition in, and that is American Idol, though in here I think you should both have the looks and talents, but with the recent trend in this competition, white guy with guitar usually wins, so if you are what they’re looking for, then you are the one. Unfortunately, this season is their last. Let us just wish they could still extend it for a few more seasons. And oh yeah, there is this “The Next One”, I have only seen a few episodes of it, and I think they are looking for talents who loves drama or what, not all contestants are really good, but if you want to try it then have a go. But actually, nothing mentioned above really matter when you really want to be a singer, because you must try everything and test your luck on. And another one, there might be a local counterpart of those competitions in your place, so you must know what their objectives first before auditioning so you would be able to do it at your advantage.

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