Thursday, December 27, 2012

Arang Versus Miho

My Observations
1. Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki has chemistry
2. The drama was exciting in the beginning but towards the 2nd and 3rd quarter, the story started to drag
3. During the run of the drama I found an incosistency and it's when the fairy, Muyeong, adopted the young juwal while in the body of Eunho's mother, but the fairy only transferred to Eunho's mother's body when Juwal was a grown up already

Similarities between Arang and Miho
1. Jade Emperor / Great Grandmother
2. Seorim sacrificed herself to save Juwal / Gidal sacrificed herself to save her loved one
3. Arang became a human / Miho wants to become a human
4. Arang had 3 full moons / Miho had 100 days
5. Arang almost sacrificed herself for Eunho / Miho almost sacrificed herself for Daewoong

PS. The ending was cute, them together kissing. It wasn't the ending i actually hoped for, but I like the twist they did.

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