Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman is indeed a fairytale. The movie helped me recall memories when I was younger. It was fun to hear the story again but the quality of the movie is not really that good. If I am to give it a rating I would say three out of five. Nothing special really happened except for some scenes that I got shocked because I did not expect it to be which was also due to my forgetfulness that there were actually events like those happened in the real story.

It was a very quiet movie. I didn’t hear a lot of dialogues between the characters. It was not even an action-packed film knowing that there is a ‘Huntsman’ in the title which gave me an idea that it will be an action film, I even thought that the Huntsman was a villain, but after watching the movie I realized that the Huntsman is not an antagonist but rather the Prince Charming of Snow White, (SPOILER!!!). And here I pity Robert Pattinson because I felt the chemistry between Snow White and the Huntsman.

As to the acting skills of the actors, everyone was good especially the Huntsman at the scene when Snow White died, I admit that I cried a little during that scene. And then with Kristen Stewart (Snow White), it was her, the same as how she is with Bella of Twilight, the only scene that I saw her acting was when she was trying to convince her father’s army to fight against the Queen.

Since I have mentioned Twilight, I thought Snow White and Twilight are quite similar. Both Bella and Snow White died but came back to life after a kiss from their man. Do you remember the scene in Breaking Dawn when Edward was trying to revive Bella by biting her skin and injecting his venom into her heart? Bella thought Edward was kissing her.

Actually, Snow White and the Huntsman movie have similar scenes from different movies. There were scenes that remind me of Twilight, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, and Robin Hood. Or I guess I was only thinking a lot.

Anyway, the bottom story of it is that ‘nothing can beat the beauty that comes from the within’. It is indeed that the Queen is prettier than Snow White but Snow White is more beautiful than the Queen because she has a pure and innocent heart.

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