Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Blue is the name of the lead female character in the YouTube miniseries ‘Blue’. Currently, it has two seasons.

Blue is a 29-year old single mom to an intelligent 13-year old son. She works in an accounting firm. And twice a week she secretly works as a prostitute to make ends meet. Her son finds her very mysterious, even though they talk a lot. There are things that his mother keeps from him, like who his father is, but it’s because she really doesn't know who the father is, but she is interested with older men.

Julia Stiles played the role of Blue. She is one of my favorite actresses, but I don’t know why I’m so attracted towards her and her acting. When I was looking at her list of filmography, I found Blue, a YouTube miniseries. I didn't know what the story was like, so when I watched the first episode, I was shocked. If not for my love for Julia Stiles, I wouldn't have continued watching it. The first season has twelve episodes, while the second season has twenty-six episodes. The story only started to get interesting in season two as it developed more, but the previous season was also good. It’s a story that makes anyone who has seen it want to understand why Blue is Blue.

If you have time to watch this miniseries, you can watch it here >>> BLUE: YOUTUBE MINISERIES. Please do recommend this also to your friends. Have fun watching!

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