Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yes to Love, No to Fear

I have seen a couple of Thai movies and they were all good. But only one of them really left an impact to me. It was the first ever lesbian film in their country, a counterpart of the first ever gay film, “Love of Siam” that starred Mario Maurer, which had a beautiful story too. I’m not particularly into Thai Pop Culture, but after seeing this movie and its sequel, I thought of wanting to go in that country, and even learn their language. We can’t forget also its original soundtrack, where the actresses of the movie participated. I've realized how beautiful their songs are and it is quite catchy too. The movie I’m talking about is “Yes or No”, a film adaptation of two books “Yes” and “No”. The lead actresses are Suchar ‘Aom’ Manaying and Suppanad ‘Tina’ Jittaleela.

“Yes or No: Let's Love As You Wish” is a movie about two girls falling in love with one another. Pie (Aom) is not very comfortable with lesbians because of her mother that strongly opposes them. Kim (Tina) is a boyish girl that is going through an identity crisis, because she haven’t liked or fell in love over anyone, whether boy or girl. Pie and Kim are roommates and attend the same university. Pie is into fishery, while Kim is into agriculture. Pie hates noise, but Kim hates silence. Being together helped them overcome their differences. But the sincerity of their love was put into a test. Is this kind of love can really last? 

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Due to popular demand, they made a sequel after two years. “Yes or No 2: Come Back To Me” started with two of them separating because of the place they applied for internship. It was the first time that they will be far away from one another, and it’ll be a couple of months. Though they've been together for three years, there was still no guarantee that their kind of love will really last. And it was really challenged when Kim met Yam, an intern also to where Kim is working at. There were things that changed and had been sacrificed. Can Pie trust Kim? Will Pie be secured of Kim’s love? Pie on the other hand dreamed of getting married, having a baby and a perfect family. Will their love for one another can really prove that they don’t need marriage to say they are committed to each other?

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It was really a good movie. As the movie director and actresses said in an interview, it was not their intention to represent anyone, they just want to show the purity of the love between girls falling in love with one another, and I saw it. Lesbianism is not really accepted very well in their country (or anywhere), but this is the reality, and this movie is an eye-opener. Besides it’s not really disgusting even though there were love scenes, in fact they were quite modest about it, and most of the love scenes were requested by fans.

Tina, who was introduced in the movie, I think, had difficulty into acting. But I could see the depth of her emotions. I like her performance when the scene required her to get angry. I was able to feel it and would say, “Can’t Pie just believe in her? I don’t want Kim to get hurt.” Aom, who has done movies and stage plays, is really good. She was able to portray her character very well. I could really feel how hard it is to be the girlfriend of a lesbian, with all the sacrifices after choosing to love someone who wouldn't be able to give you your dreams.

This kind of love story may be far from the norm, but can you give them a chance? A chance to know if love really exists, and so do butterflies?

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