Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pop Culture Differences

Philippine Pop
Usually, songs from the Philippines are known as OPM or Original Pilipino Music, but I’ll ride with the ***-Pop trend. Filipino language suits very well the genre Ballad and Rock. Each Filipino ballad or rock is composed straight from the heart and experiences (whether first hand or second hand) of the composers. Well, aside from these two genres, you can also hear singers, but only a few, singing genres like RnB, Pop, Acoustic, Jazz, Bosa Nova, and Hip-hop.
Korean Pop
I believe that Koreans are the best when it comes to Pop and Hip-hop genres. Korean composers are also one of the best producers around the world. Their Pop genre is very catchy, while their Hip-hop songs are very meaningful. Better than Americans in my opinion. Their ballads are really good too, very pleasing to ears.
Japanese Pop
I love their language. And I think they are also like Philippines. I love their Ballad songs, and their Rock singers really rock! Though they have Pop singers too, well most of them, their songs aren't really catchy at all. Actually for me, Nihongo lyrics + Korean music = Big Hit, they are a perfect combination.
Mandarin Pop
Also known as C-Pop, but we have to consider those who are not Chinese that sing mandarin songs, so their genre is called Mando-Pop instead. I think they are good with Ballads and Pop. Once I hear their songs, even I don’t understand the lyrics well, I can feel the emotions.
Pop Songs (American/British)
Do I really have to describe it? Everyone listens to them. They are good in any genre, but I guess it is maybe because Western singers have more powerful and flavorful voices.

Drama/Series and Movies
Someone’s got to be revenging always in dramas. And the story is something should be relatable always to any class watching. For movies, usually it’s Romantic-Comedy-Light Drama, all the same really, quite boring.
Rich and Poor characters falling in love or from haters to lovers or historical are the trend in Korean dramas. In their movies, Koreans are more daring. You would think they are a very conservative country but they are not at all. But their other movies are really good. They have excellent writers and directors.
Always true to life, but not really. Stories are usually what you see in their daily lives both in dramas and movies. Only few look like a real “Fiction”. In Japan, usually it starts with a manga (comics) or novel, and then they will be adapted to Anime or Drama Series and Specials or Movie. If it is a hit, people would be able to see a version of the story from each. I think Japan is the best in horror films.
Taiwanese & Chinese
Taiwanese dramas always feel like a sitcom – comedy is a must, though there are some real dramas too. I don’t really watch Chinese dramas, but most of the dramas I have seen are historical, I can’t really say anything about their dramas. About their movies, I haven’t seen much, mostly are from ok to good.
Indian / Bollywood
I’ve seen a few movies only. And their movies are usually about lessons in life. I should say they are full of wisdom.
I haven’t watched a drama but the movies are good. Thailand movies are something to talk about.
Their series are really good. Each episode is one complete story already. And about their movies, do I really need to comment on that? Well, they've got the best technology and directors, what else should I say?

Very conservative.
Professional and very careful of their image.
I think, no matter how small or big their roles are they’ll do it with their whole heart.
Taiwanese & Chinese
Professional and knows how to have fun.
They don’t care. If they want it, they’ll do it.

Other Pop Cultures?
I haven’t come to hear or see about those. Hopefully one day.

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