Sunday, November 6, 2011

Twilight Saga

It is where the mystery about the bloodsuckers unveiled when a vampire fell in love with a human.
This is my favourite book among the four. Everytime I read this book, it does not fail to make me cry. It is the most painful and heart-rending part of the saga.  Sadder than what people used to think, New Moon. Every line said by Edward Cullen seeps through the inner core of my heart. His character was best described in the book as I felt his desire of wanting to love Bella and his pain of being with her, of putting her into an absolute danger, which is somewhat the same with the narrator of the story, Bella, of wanting to be with him and hurting him too during the process.
If you think of it, we beat the mind reader, Edward, in this book, because aside from him, we were able to read Bella’s mind while he doesn’t. LOL!

New Moon
Separation, the effect of unexpected danger, causes pain in all of the parties that were involved.  And while on the period of mending her broken heart, another mystery of the shape-shifters was disclosed.
In this book, for me, nothing much happen, I think. Bella and Edward separated, which at first was painful, but after reading it again, it was nothing compared with the pain brought by Twilight to me, then a new mystery again, and this time with the shape-shifters or what they usually call in the book as werewolves. In this book, Bella mended her broken heart by being with her bestfriend, Jacob, which had potentials until Edward returned. Oh, by the way, the scary Volturi was introduced in this book. (Hmmm? While writing my review about this book, I guess New Moon is a bit interesting too. LOL!). But compared to other books, it doesn’t bring any emotion or sensation in me while reading it. It was blank for me.

Love triangle. Accepting the revenge. Forming a union. Winning and losing.
The book I hate the most, with Edward being martyr, giving only what will make Bella happy. Then Jacob, not giving up on Bella, knowing who she really wanted to be with already. I say that it pisses me off in a nice way, because it only means that the book had affected me. I don’t remember well anymore the fight scene in the book, but in the movie, it was very exciting. And lastly, though I’m not on the Jacob team, but seeing him hurt by the decisions of Bella was really painful, and making me want to wish that he find his happiness soon. I sympathize with him, poor Jacob.

Breaking Dawn
All about mind game. Forever begins at the ending.
Finally, the end. This book is the funniest part of the saga, I was impressed by how Stephanie Meyer wrote it in a very humorous way and how she ended it. I guess the first three books are very violent so she ended this series in a rational way, mind game. I think the message that I could rip from the last instalment of the series is that there is an option to war and that is to talk and negotiate or exchange opinions, and to compromise as well. I guess nothing much to say in this book because like fairytales, it ended on a happy note, Bella got what she wanted with a bonus.  Its film adaptation was cut into two parts, and both were done very well, great script I must say. In part one, it showed us how it really was when a shape-shifter imprinted. While in part two, whatever Alice had saw in the book was showed in the film, making it more exciting and complete as they add more action into it.

Before I end this, I want to say, Jacob is the most hateful character I’ve ever known, and I guess whoever knows the story will understand why.

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