Monday, November 7, 2011

G-Dragon Marijuana Incident

I know this was months ago already, but it still bothers me as when Japanese doubted GD and his tests to confirm if he smoked marijuana. It was revealed that GD smoke marijuana during his stay in Japan and has to undergo tests to prove if it was all true. On his urine test, it turned out to be negative results, but due to the inaccuracy of urine test, they have to test through his hair, and shockingly the result was positive. According to GD, he did smoke marijuana months ago in Japan but only puffed twice, because he found out that it was marijuana that he received from a Japanese fan so he stopped. Of course Japanese would defend their fellowman, so they doubted GD’s side of the story and the tests that were done on GD. So I’m here to voice out my opinion about it. I may not be that knowledgeable about science but I have a good grasp about it. So here is my point, urine is replaced everyday so the traces of the marijuana substance would definitely wash away, so it won’t be a shock if the urine test was negative while on the hair test resulted positive. The one test done on GD’s hair, I guess it would not grow very long in two months time that GD has to cut it off, but I’m still not sure about it, because I’m not sure if during that period he cut it or not, because I don’t follow him that much even if I like his music. So back to the topic of the result given by the test done on hair, I think our hair is a bank for all the memories of our bodies as it stores our DNA information, but our hair is not a living thing, it is just an accessory of our skin, one of its derivatives, so whatever our body stored in our hair wouldn't be changed or replaced, and it would only be gone when you cut it off, (once again I’m not sure with these theory as I don’t know much about the science in our hair). And like what I have mentioned before I don’t think that GD’s hair would grow that fast or if ever, even if he cut it, the part of his hair that stores the information about the marijuana substance won’t be cut off that will still give information when tested. I’m not defending GD, I just want to make sense out of it. GD does not need to smoke marijuana regularly for it to be stored on his hair, one or two puffs is already strong enough for our system to remember it, so when he said he only did it once during that Japan event, I would still believe at him. So I guess it ends here, you may leave your opinions about the incident or your side of the story.

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