Thursday, February 10, 2011

Secret Garden

It is a story about two people with totally opposite personalities and economic status. Joo Won runs his family’s mall, hotel, and golf course, while Ra Im is a poor stuntwoman. They met when Joo Won mistook Ra Im as the other person he was looking for. It was maybe love at first sight for him, because after this incident, Joo Won pursued Ra im, but Ra Im didn’t show any affection towards Joo Won even if how much good looking and good in money making he is. But their fate brought excitement to their relationship as their souls switched when they drank the liquor gave by someone. While they were not in themselves, they learned to understand each other and live through what they have not experienced before. However, when it rained they went back to their own bodies, so as to their cat and dog relationship. And while they thought that everything was ok, they found out that whenever they were caught under the rain they could switch again, but this time it was less trouble to them because they already knew what to do. Of course it would be boring if there were no villains in the story. It is usual that in a relationship like theirs, the mother of the rich Joo Won will enter the scene, trying to separate them, and despite the threat of his mother of disowning him as her son, Joo Won still chose and loved Ra Im. They got married but didn’t have a wedding and they were blessed with 2 boys and a girl. Joo Won still works in their mall as president but as an ordinary employee and not as the grandson of the owner, and Ra Im became the action director of an action school.

Secret Garden is a drama full of mysteries and twist. But how it became mysterious? Well, the mystery started in the first episode; maybe you would ask why suddenly the rich Joo Won fell in love with the poor stuntwoman, Ra Im? Then followed by, why did that someone gave them the liquor? This maybe not mysterious as you think also but why the mother of Joo Won was so against their relationship. And the biggest question is why did all of this happen to them?

When Joo Won was 21 years old he got involved in an accident, he was trapped in an elevator, causing his being claustrophobic. That happened because when a firefighter rescued him, the firefighter was left inside the elevator after helping him out, and the firefighter told him to tell her daughter that he loves her because he knew he won’t be able to make it out of that elevator, but Joo Won wasn’t able to deliver his message. Being traumatized by the accident, Joo Won then tried to forget all of his memories. That firefighter was the father of Ra Im. So it makes sense when Joo Won fell in love with her because he knew her already but doesn’t have a clue about it. And this was also the reason why Joo Won’s mother was so against their relationship because she was afraid that Ra Im might use it as an excuse to hold onto her son.  I know it is also bothering you why did their souls switch when they drank the liquor that someone gave to them. At first when they received it, they thought it was medicinal liquor, so they drank it, and as they woke up the following day, they were not themselves anymore. The person who gave the liquor was Ra Im’s father, but he’s dead so how he could do it? It is because Ra Im’s father used other person to give it to them. Well, the main reason of it was to help Joo Won remember the promise he made with Ra Im’s father, which he eventually did after regaining all of his memories.

The story was given much thought by the writer, from the mystery and twist to the story of each of the characters and even to its little details, it was all connected. I have a high regards with this drama, and I’m telling you it is worth of giving your time for watching it for its uniqueness that brought, I think, high ratings in Korea and in the heart of those who had watched it. I’ve watched it twice because at first I was prejudiced with my feelings but on the second time I watched it I was objective and was able to fully understand the series, which I think is also my advice for you unless you can be both prejudice and objective at the same time. There are still other important details that I want to include in this review, but I think you won’t get thrilled anymore if you watch it, it is better if you discover the other mysteries of the story by yourselves. But I’ll still give you a hint, there are episodes that will give you hints about what will happen next, so you have to be very keen with the little details the story is giving off, like what I said, it is all connected. Not much of a help, right? Haha! What are the best episodes? For me episode 3 is where the most heart-fluttering scene and episode 17 is the most heart-wrenching which brought me into shock and tears. A lesson from it is “Don’t break promises”. That is all for now, even if how much I wanted to tell the whole story I have to cut it here, even though, I hope you enjoy it as I in writing this.

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