Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’ is a cute and funny drama (but somehow scary). Well, it’s a story about a gumiho and an aspiring action actor (Gumiho is a Korean legend, which means Nine-tailed Fox that can be a very beautiful lady and eats the liver of men. Scary, right?). In this drama, the Korean legend about gumiho was given another description. What is it? Then let’s find it out.

At first, the Gumiho was locked up in a painting, and through the help of Dae Woong, she was freed. To Dae Woong’s shock, he ran away then fell on rocks that caused him a terrible spine and rib injuries that can paralyze or kill him. The Gumiho felt sorry for him so she gave him her bead (a magical bead that can give strength on anyone) to save him from death as an exchange for freeing her. From then on Gumiho kept on following Dae woong. She told him that she is a Gumiho but Dae Woong didn’t believe it and went off, so Gumiho threaten him that if she found him, she’ll show him her tails and get the bead from him so he could die. Luckily or unfortunately, Gumiho found him and took the bead out of him. Dae Woong was dying at that moment but the Gumiho returned and gave the bead back to him. She used this to hold Dae Woong on his neck that later on she fell in love with him.

Gumiho loves to eat meat especially the Korean beef. In order to keep her full, Dae Woong worked so hard to buy her food. Dae Woong’s grandfather found out about it and thought that he was becoming a responsible man. Dae Woong likes another girl, but since he is with the Gumiho, he can’t go nearer to this girl, until he can’t take it anymore and requested Gumiho to leave him. When the Gumiho left, she also take the bead with her (don’t worry, Dae Woong has recovered from his injuries so he won’t die but he can't do extreme movements). Dae Woong is working as an action star and he is supposed to do dangerous stunts. When the girl he likes found out about his accident and with his condition that he absolutely can’t do the stunts and might endanger his life, she told his family about it and suggested to them that he should take a full medical checkup. In wanting to be an action star, Dae Woong looked for Gumiho, which he eventually found. Since he needed the bead so badly, they had an agreement, that they will be together for 100 days and he shouldn’t be with any girl. But Dae Woong didn’t know the real reason why the Gumiho agreed with him. The truth is, Gumiho wanted to be a human, so this half-human and half-monster friend of her, Park Dong Ju, helped her. He gave her his blood which can kill the gumiho chi* (*energy) and after 100 days she should take the bead to stay alive and become human.

The days passed and one by one the Gumiho’s tail disappeared that stop on 5 tails because on the 50th day they found out that in exchange of Gumiho’s dream to be human, Dae Woong will die. Supposedly, at 100th day, all of the human chi of Dae Woong will be transferred to the bead which should be taken out by the Gumiho to live. Dae Woong returned the bead that already took half of his life to Gumiho and told her that no matter what happen they’ll be together. Since the bead that has the human chi of Dae Woong is inside the body of Gumiho, her chi and the human chi kept on overpowering each other that makes her changed into a monster from time to time which she can’t take it anymore, and frightened that she could hurt Dae Woong. She disappeared from the sight of Dae Woong with the help of Park Dong Ju. The life of Dae Woong continued as he kept himself busy with work. Until few days before the supposedly 100 days deal gets over, they met again and Dae Woong Found out that the Gumiho is still dying, so they spent the remaining days together. On the last day, the Gumiho told Dae Woong that she never existed in his life and take it as a dream then she disappeared.

Dae Woong became a famous actor. And everyone around him had beautiful beginnings in life. Without expecting, Gumiho appeared in front of him and they were reunited again at once.

This drama will surely make you laugh, cry and love the characters especially Gumiho. After watching this drama you’ll never get afraid of Gumihos anymore for they have also a heart that goes for the humans. What lesson we can get from the story? Uhm, I think it says that “Don’t trust anyone and don’t do anything stupid”. Ha-ha! Well if it’s going to end good, then why not, right? But if it’s going to turn your life upside down, better not to try it because you might regret it. Well the most anticipating episode is the finale, because it hurts and made me cry the most whether tears of sadness or happiness. But don’t worry, every episode is must see also. Oh, it’s going to be aired in the Philippines soon, but if you can’t wait, watch it online then. Don’t forget to spread the ‘Gumiho Love’.

The drama is simply peshonista and ahh mashita!

Ni neomu neomu neomu joha!

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