Monday, January 24, 2011

Hi! My Sweetheart

‘Hi My Sweetheart’ is a story about two persons with totally opposite personalities. Hsueh Hai/Da Lung, is an innocent multi-billion industrial heir whom fell for Chen Bao Chu despite her bad reputation and violent disposition. Supposedly, after three years of dating, on Bao Chu’s birthday, Da Lung will confess about his true identity (Hsueh Hai) and will propose to her, but she didn’t appear because of a car accident, but Da Lung didn’t know what happened to Bao Chu’s absence on their rendezvous. And it got worse when Da Lung heard from Bao Chu’s mother that she went abroad to get married with a rich guy, and apparently, Da Lung believed her.

Three years after being hurt by the woman he really loved, Da Lung turned into a playboy, Hsueh Hai, who never believed in love anymore found Bao Chu again through a radio show where she works as a DJ. He planned for revenge by buying the whole radio station to make her fall in love in the personality of Hsueh Hai then dumps her just like what he felt three years ago.

The revenge didn’t go well; instead his love for Bao Chu was rekindled. But Bao Chu didn’t know that Hsueh Hai was Da Lung, so she kept ignoring him until she discovered the truth. But it doesn’t make sense anymore; Hsueh Hai lied to Bao Chu. She got mad on him and decided to go abroad. Unfortunately before she leaves, the radio station burned up and she was inside of it. Hsueh Hai rescued her, but while rescuing, a big plank fell over his head which made him lose all of his memories.

Hsueh Hai went far away and all he could remember was ‘Da Lung and the Pink Panther’. For three months his family and Bao Chu searched for him, but since he is under the name of Da Lung, no one can find him. Until, Bao Chu found a lead to the whereabouts of Hsueh Hai. Bao Chu had a hard time to get Da Lung back. While trying to get him back, they got kidnapped and Da Lung was hit on his head by the kidnapper. They both woke up in the hospital. Luckily, the hit on his head did him good, he recovered his memories, but sadly he can’t still remember Bao Chu. But this was just to avoid hurting Bao Chu anymore, so he fooled them.

On Bao Chu’s birthday, the stupid Hsueh Hai got drunk and blew his cover up about not remembering Bao Chu anymore. He sent her an email, greeting her happy birthday which somehow giving her a clue that Hsueh Hai still remembers her. Bao Chu tried to play with him to see if he’s lying or not about not remembering her, which she eventually succeeded. Hsueh Hai got found out by her. And of course just like other stories, they got married and lived happily ever after.

It is all in one series, there is comedy, romance, and drama, a little bit of action too. Just like what the story says, it’s difficult to find a man like Da Lung who is very innocent and won’t hold grudges on anyone but you wouldn’t try to hurt his heart because you might regret it. And Bao Chu, of course, stood for her own beliefs and fought for her rights. The lesson we can get from it is “Don’t Judge the book by its cover”. I watched this drama a long time ago (I think last week of august or early September of 2010), but I didn’t had the time to write a review of this drama, so here I am now telling you how good it is, in fact Show Luo and Rainie Yang, who played Hsueh Hai and Chen Bao Chu respectively, was nominated for best actor and best actress, unfortunately, Show Luo didn’t win but Rainie Yang did. I hope everyone would try to see it, either watch it online or download the whole series or buy its DVD copy. It is good for everyone. BTW, watch out for episode 10 (it made me cry), I think it was the turning point of the series. For those who have seen it, spread the ‘Sweetness of Hi My Sweetheart’; recommend it to your friends.

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