Thursday, May 16, 2013

What would you do if you have to choose?

“Fake it until you make it.”

If I Stay
One day, a pair of parent and a little boy was suddenly killed in a car accident, an accident that also brought the remaining member of the family – a classical cellist who has a budding future in getting into Julliard and be known worldwide – in her state of comatose. In her situation, it might be better to leave also – be with her family, be it not on earth – even though there is music and a special someone waiting for her.

In desperate times, promises are made, even if it will make you lose someone, but what will her choice be? Will she stay? Or not?

I didn’t have an idea as to what the story will be like. I am just holding to the fact that it is a bestselling novel and to a review that if you read ‘Twilight’, you will like it also. But I’m telling you they are different, except that their settings are both around Seattle.

At first, I had a good feeling about this story, but when the accident happened, just after a couple of chapters, it set me on a bad mood. I was saddened. It had a heavy start. I even had a thought of putting it down, but the author wrote it in a very interesting style. In between chapters of mourning, a happy memory is being retold, that somehow lifted the mood.

Where She Went
His prayer was answered, but she was not with him anymore. Losing her, made him like a ghost just like her. His pain made him write songs – songs that made him into a rock star. And then her ghost appeared, answered his questions, made him realized that it was him, his promise, that made her to become whatever she is.

Will he stick to his promise? Will she be able to move one?

First of all, I was shocked when the point of view in this book two was changed into the male character’s from the female character’s. I wanted to know what happened to the female character. But the story is not about the one who got away anymore but the one who was left behind.

I must admit, that I was more interested to the lyrics of the songs – which I quite don’t understand – than the story itself, because I have an idea of how it will end. What made me continue reading was the emotion, I want to cry – feel the pain of loving and losing someone – and the book gave it to me.

The ending is something that everyone will like, but you know somewhere that it’s not a happy ending, because something was gone, and even if they tried, it will never be back again to just like before.

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