Thursday, April 11, 2013


I envy people with great soul for arts and passion for everything, even those people with handicap who excel on their own. To tell you the truth, I tried to be like them too, even if I am too shy or lacking.

I had a lot of activities but I am always ningas-kugon* because no one was there to support me. If only I have the same people around those geniuses, I would have been a genius too, (HUL). I want to learn and improve my skills, but because people around me were afraid of my future, I chose not to dream anymore.

I have shed a lot of tears. I am now more afraid for my future. What will happen to me next? Will I be able to achieve even one of my dreams?

*Ningas-kugon – a person who never finishes what have started

1 comment:

  1. To the author:

    Please don't stop dreaming...
    Some people (the "you-know-who"s hehe) will be here for you.

    Poppo. :-*