Thursday, April 11, 2013

I know him before I knew him

Name :   Kim Heechul
A.K.A :   Chunderella, Space Big Star
Origin :   Gangwondo, South Korea
Birthday :   July 7, 1983
Bloodtype :   AB
Height :   180 cm (5'11 ft)
Family :   Parents, Older Sister
Pets :   Heebum, Baengshin, Champagne
Celestial Properties :   Heestar, a part of the Moon
Skills :   Singing, Dancing, Acting, MCing, Piano, Impersonations

When did I start to like him?
I was attracted to three guys, but never thought that they were all the same guy. I saw him first in his drama "Bad Family', next, I saw him in 'Star King' during Charice' first appearance, and then in 2011, when I started to get to know the Super Junior, but this time I thought he was gay.

What did I like about him?
I don't know. I just heard that he usually kisses his other members before for a fanservice during the time I was getting to know Super Junior, and then I found him interesting, though I'm always attracted to him eversince, like magnets.

What kind of a fan am I?
There are three categories, ELF / Undeads / Petals. At first, I considered myself an ELF, but after fully understanding what those categories mean, I turned into Undead. But knowing him more, and his story as a member of Super Junior and how ELF wanted him to quit just before their Sorry, Sorry days, I told myself "If ELF say : If the world betray Super Junior, then ELF will betray the world." But for me, if ELF betray Kim Heechul, I'll betray them." But as I grew older, I stopped being his fan and started to be someone who is loyal to him and will understand whatever his decision will be. But if you will ask me how long it was already, I being his fan/supporter, I don't know if I could consider myself a fan since 'Bad Family', though I officially started to become his fan since May 2011.

ELF - Fans of Super Junior
Undeads - Fans of Kim Heechul, but still love Super Junior
Petals - Fans of Kim Heechul only

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