Thursday, April 11, 2013

Popstar slash Diva

Name :   Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo
Screen/Stage Name :   Sarah Geronimo
Birthday :   July 25, 1988
Height :   165 cm (5'4 ft)
Family :   Parents, 2 Older Sister, 1 Younger Brother
Instrument(s):   Piano
Pet(s) :   Bella
Favorite Artist(s) :   Michael Jackson
Favorite Books :   Harry Potter, Twilight Saga
Grandest Awards :   Box Office Queen of 2009 & 2010, Female Recording Artist of the Year, Female Concert Performer of theYear, Entertainer of the Year

Why I like Sarah G?
I like her because she always brings something new on the floor. Even though I know that she is a versatile singer and has a great vocal, everytime she sings, it still amazes me how great a singer she is, even when she's dancing. She is so talented on the stage that keeps me wanting for more.

What I don't like in her?
When singing a duet with a guy, she seems so uncomfortable, she doesn't look at her partner, she doesn't interact with him, even to the audience, but she is good in conveying the message of the song.
When dancing, she still looks at other dancers, I wish she could be more perfectionist.
When MCing, she's not very quick at giving comments or giving replies to questions or jokes of her guests, she ignores them, I wish her to treat it like just having a chitchat with her guests so she could be a good MC.

What I wish for her?
To be a hands-on artist and not just a performer. It would be great too if she starts writing her own songs too.
I hope her label company would also think cool concepts for her so that her talents won't be wasted tru revivals/remakes. Everybody says that she is worldclass, but her album concepts are very Filipino. Just a reminder, she is a Pop singer, not a Ballad singer.

How long has it been, me as her fan?
I've already heard her since after the competition, but I liked her more and became her fan after she signed to ABS-CBN.

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